2017/18 SEASON




The HSC Nancy Greene Program forms a foundation for lifelong enjoyment of the great sport of alpine skiing.  This program is focused on fun and fundamentals of skiing development. Consistent with Nancy Greene’s philosophy the emphasis is given on a fair play and group competition. As kids progress, the focus is given on technical skiing and introduction to racing.

Athletes have the opportunity to participate in club fun races, and participate at other local BC Alpine races if interested. They will enjoy a mix of skiing from all-mountain, deep snow, steep runs and beginner gates.  Athletes are grouped with others of similar ability and close age. Groups typically range from 5-8 kids, based on the ability level.

All coaches are certified by the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation, some are former racers and members of the HSC. The program follows the BC Alpine Snow Star program allowing coaches to track progress of each child.


Our Nancy Greene program runs on Saturdays and Sundays 9.30 am- 3.00 pm with a 30 min break for lunch. The NG program includes a Christmas Camp (four half-day sessions). The 2017/2018 season Christmas Camp starts on Dec. 27th till Dec. 30th, 9.00 am- 12.00 pm.

The regular NG program will run for 11 weekends starting on Saturday January 6th, 2018 till March 18th, 2018.  The NG season is concluded by the Nancy Greene Festival at Sun Peaks for those families interested in participating. The festival is scheduled in March 2018 for ages 5-11 years old.

Program Fees:

NG program, including Christmas Camp is $685 for the season. Early bird registration is $620 for the season. Early Bird registration deadline is November 25th, 2017.

The BC Alpine fee of $76 per child (not included in the program fee).

All fees, registration form and the ACA form have to be paid and submitted before the first day on the snow.



Requirements and Expectation

Skiing Ability:     

Riding a chairlift: every new club member is required to be able to load and offload a chair with minimum assistance and be able to ride the chair with his/her ski group buddy.

Skiing: every new member needs to be able to ski down a green run independently, turn in a snowplough , and be able to stop safely anytime asked. Please note that our ski club is not a ski school. If your child needs to improve their skills before joining the club in order to meet the requirements, individual or group ski lessons can be booked with Sasquatch Mountain Resort. Following a first on-snow session and at coaches’ discretion, a recommendation to take ski lessons with the resort may be made to the family.

Maturity and Behaviour:

Behaviour: Every member of the Hemlock Ski Club family need to adhere to the club’s Code of Conduct, including athletes, coaches and parents. Ski training is provided in a group setting. There is typically one coach per group. The coaches are always focused on every child’s well-being and are doing their best to make the day fun while providing a quality instruction to our young athletes. Any misbehaviour that affects the training session will not be accepted and parents will be called to attend to their child.

Maturity: Every child is a unique human being, and also has a different pace of development and a level of focus. You know your child the best! Kids are on the snow 4.5-5 hours. Our training is typically conducted even in bad weather and all snow conditions. Before you register, please consider if your child is ready to deal with long days, and is able and willing to ski in various conditions. We promote a love for the sport of ski racing and the last thing we want is to discourage kids from skiing because of bad experience.


Ski equipment: Families are responsible for child’s equipment including a hard shell helmet covering ears, as well as a lift pass. Cost of a child season lift pass at Hemlock Resort is $90 (5-12 years old). Pre season (before Oct 31, 2017) $70. The younger age groups are using a junior multi-event ski and only require straight poles, and junior boots. Boots are the most important part of the equipment equation, as they influence the movement and energy generated through each turn.  Boots will progress from a side buckle (only for the youngest ages), to two/three front buckles and eventually to a full race boot. For the younger athlete, shorter skis can allow more versatility. Contact a club representative or review the resources page for any questions regarding the equipment.

Clothing: Kids will be skiing and playing on the snow for up to 5 hours and in varying weather conditions. Kids should always carry spare gloves, socks and an extra layer that they will leave in the club cabin. Layering is recommended as it is easy to adjust to changing weather conditions. If the child is cold or wet, and requires special attention, parents will be called to attend to their child.



For any questions or additional information please contact:

Zuzana Parilak, Nancy Greene Coordinator; ngcoord@hemlockskiclub.com

or Rob Lahti, Head Coach, headcoach@hemlockskiclub.com


Programs NG U12 regular U12 extended U14 U16/U18
Fall camp optional (additional fee)
Pre-season on snow
Weekends (Sat and Sun)
Fridays √**
Expected days on snow     (TBA)     (TBA)      (TBA)   (TBA)    (TBA)
Program fee 2017/2018*     $685     $1130     $1295    $1595    $1595
Early Bird fee 2017/2018*(Deadline Nov 25, 2017)     $620     $1025     $1180    $1480    $1480

*excludes cost for travel, meals and accommodations at any away camps or ski races. **half-day training (3 hours)


Congratulations to this season’s Jennifer Voss Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award recipient, Matthew Safar. Your dedication, enthusiasm and willingness to help anywhere and everywhere is always appreciated.